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Hypothetical - If You Were Married To The Love Of Your Life And Then She Grew a Penis One Day, Would You Divorce Her?

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A short and sweet question on a casual beautiful afternoon here in Vegas. Sipping some mimosas, degenerate gambling at the Vegas house. So then this hypothetical came up:

You have a perfect life. You have two children, a dog, the American Dream. Your wife is smoking hot, children are honor roll students, all that good stuff. And then one morning, after 15 years of marriage, your wife springs a baby dick. Just right there where her clit used to be, a Ben Brady appears. She can’t get it removed, you can’t chop it off. If you want to fuck her, she just has a baby dick flopping around. So the question is, do you divorce her, the love of your life, the person you care about more than anything, because she has a little cock hanging there?

Ok so obviously the answer is yes, you divorce her. You can’t fuck a girl with a dick. So then the question became what if after 1 year, everything goes back to normal? The dick falls off, the vag is back to normal, not a penis to be found. You are told the day she grows the penis that it will be gone in 1 year. Divorce? Or do you stay with her? Much harder question.