Numbers Never Lie And They Say That Daniel Jones Is The Greatest Rusher In NFL History

Put that in your pipe and smoke it nerds! I've had enough of the loser Stat Boys focusing on lame statistics like "turnovers" and "win-loss record" that don't tell the whole story of Daniel Jones, which is that Danny Dimes is simply the greatest rusher in NFL history when he isn't dropping 10 cents in his receivers' bread baskets (that they may or may not drop to win a division game). I don't want to hear any geeks talk about sample size either. Over 1800 players in the 101 years of the National Football League ran the ball more than 75 times had a chance to put up better numbers than Danny Scoots and not ONE of them did, likely because they lacked the perfect mix of athleticism and sleight of hand that caused a cameraman's shoulder to pop clean out of his socket.

It's crazy to think that Danny Dimes would be erasing Gronk and Gonzo from the NFL record books instead of Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, and Adrian Peterson if one of the other 31 teams drafted him and placed him at tight end like an idiot.

Instead he is QB1 of his team as well as the RB1 of NFL history all while having a piss poor offensive line his entire young career. Now will someone show this very important stat to Jason Garrett so we get more Daniel Jones running plays into the gameplan? Because this is the ideal NFL rusher. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.