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Draftkings $100,000 Moonshot Challenge - You Know The Drill: Step 1) Draft Bartolo

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Looks like the stars align once again with Big Sexy and Draftkings’ $100,000 Moonshot challenge. Not only do you know you’re gonna get 7 innings 4 hit 2 runs but Mr. Electricity has that mojo right now thats straight up contagious. Any Draftkings team featuring Bartolo has an automatic advantage. Everybody benefits from a little sexy. Its called the Bartolo Effect. No Draftkings team tonight is complete without him.

Contest Details:
-$100,000 MLB Moonshot
-$100K in total prizes, winner takes home a cool $10,000
-Free entry with any first deposit on DraftKings
-Make the minimum $5 first deposit on DraftKings, play for a share of $100,000 for free, and then use that $5 to play in a different contest. Maybe the $5 Fantasy Baseball World Championship Qualifier where you can win a shot at over $1 million, or the $3 PGA Birdie with $125K in prizes and the $2 NASCAR Donut with $3K in prizes. Either way, your $5 has pretty massive ROI potential.