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Bron Bron Says He Doesn’t Care If the Cavs Win Or Lose Cause It’s Only Basketball



Listen I’m not the type of guy who likes to pile on somebody when they are already getting beat down, but I couldn’t let this slip. Yeah I know Bron Bron had a rough night. I know the world saw his flaccid little penis. I know he got a boo boo on his head. I know Andre Iguadala mercilessly mocked him and handed him his lunch. I know he was committing flagrant 3 fouls out of frustration. But still this was his lowest point. His post game press conference when he said he doesn’t care who wins the Finals because “it’s only basketball.”

Now people who study Bron Bron as closely as I do know this is his go to move. Whenever he loses a big game his standard answer is “It’s only basketball.  It’s not that important. My life is great no matter what. It’s just basketball.” Listen maybe I could stomach this answer if it wasn’t a 180 from how he acts when he’s winning. When Bron Bron is doing well basketball is more important than the war on terror, the homeless and the national debt. He makes it seem like his success can literally cure cancer. The second he struggles it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s pure insanity how much he flip flops depending on the outcome. Like remember when the Celtics got blown out in 86 in LA and Larry Bird called all his teammates sissys and chucked his car keys across the parking lot? That’s a man. That’s somebody who doesn’t just shrug his shoulders when they lose a huge game in the NBA Finals and say “it’s only basketball.” It’s just one of the many reasons I fucking hate this guy. Nobody gloats more when they win and acts apathetic when they lose than Bron Bron.