Joe Judge Said He Liked That Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley And Other Giants Went Out To A "Team Building Dinner" On Friday Night And That All Punishment Will Be Handled Internally

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Danny, Saquon, not guilty!!! Well I don't know about you guys, but if Coach Judge says everything is okay on his end, then everything is okay on mine! Actually forget about okay. Coach Judge actually LIKED that his guys were out "team building" at dinner together after a crushing divisional loss. Forget about Daniel Jones being sentenced to more laps than the Indy 500 or getting suspended for the first possession of next week's game like a college football QB1. Danny Dimes may get another C on his chest for taking the fellas out for some chow in what is being described as team building. 

I don't want to hear people say that Coach Judge took it easy on his guys either since the internet has been painting him as the meanest old man that ever lived. If you do the crime on Coach Judge's team, you do the time and Big Blue's fearless leader clearly thought everything was fine. Even Saquon riding a bike with an ACL torn to shreds was okay in the eyes of the football law, even though I'm pretty sure a freak of nature like Saquon Barkley could ride a bike without an problems even if he woke up tomorrow armless and legeless

I gotta say, I didn't see this response coming. But Coach Judge has always known to be not only firm but also fair. And before the Mask Patrol tries to cancel everyone involved in this story, they need to take a deep breath. Like anybody living in the Tri-State Area, I remember just how scary the first few months of this pandemic were, I know people who lost loved ones due to covid, and I remember when we were going popping bottles about a medical boat pulling into the Hudson to save the day. 

Trust me, I think everyone should wear a mask and am such a Mask Guy that I would probably get called a cuckboy fuckboy maskboy by antimaskers. But people are still allowed to live their lives and go out to places that are allowed to be open. I don't think executing people for having a meal and a drink is worthy of the death penalty. As long as all the correct precautions were taken and DJ Lugghead was as responsible a host as his name would suggest, everything is gucci. Going out to dinner with a few teammates then posing for a picture without a mask and going clubbing while spitting down peoples throats in the middle of a pandemic are two VERY different things. Just because a snitch video with no context says it's one thing, it may have actually been another since the internet is known to tell a fib every now and again in order to get clicks or traction on a tweet (I'm looking at you Deke Zucker).