Phenomenal News: Our Friend Who Got Fired From Jewel(s) For Standing Up For Himself Because A Customer Called Him The R-Word Has Officially Started A New Job And It's Not At Jewel(s)

Absolute mouthful of a headline but really no other way for me to present this story. We're back to talk about our friend Mr. Khaled Alayli who was unceremoniously relieved of his duties at a north suburban Jewel(s) earlier this month following an altercation with a customer. But not just any customer. This one in particular had been harassing Mr. Alayli for months with targeted insults involving hard R-words because Mr. Alayli has special needs. Just typing that makes my skin crawl and my blood boil and my stomach turn. Fucking asshole. You can catch up on the controversy here: 

We followed up last week because Jewel publicly responded by offering Mr. Alayli his job back. Many thought it was time for him to move on, but the important thing is that he had a choice to return if he wanted. Although to be fair Albertsons corporate team (they own and operate the 187 Chicagoland Jewels) looked like complete assholes across the board. 

Many of us had hoped that he'd get a better offer because that's what the situation demanded. Maybe a different location with better hours and more money. Maybe a better position or more time-off? Whatever it was, the right thing for Jewel to do was give him choices and fortunately he got those choices. 

But even more fortunate is the poetic justice that he told Jewel(s) to pound sand. 

CBS - An update to a story that went viral on CBS Chicago. Khaled Alayli, who was fired from his job at Jewel for yelling at a man he said was not wearing a mask in the store and being a bully, has a new gig, CBS 2’s Meredith Barack reports.

Alayli stated his new position today at Fresh Farms in Niles. It is similar to the work he did at Jewel in Glenview, which did reverse course and offered him a job at a different location. He declined.

More than 12,000 people signed an online petition trying to get the man’s job back.

He was probably so polite too when he declined. I can see it now. Just a simple No Thank You and we're on to Fresh Farms in Niles. We're on to Cincinnati. We're getting back to work because that's what high character, big effort guys like Khaled Alayli are all about. I said it before and I'll say it again. The world's a better place with dudes like him in it busting tail. That's a fact. 

Here's another fact. 12,000 people signing a petition and getting this guy in the spotlight after a horrible Bears loss is the exact news this city needs to be rallying around right now. That's the power of the people coming together. Everyone who DM'd Jewel(s) or threatened to fully-convert to Mariano's gets a beef for this one. I know you guys are out there and I just want to say I really respect you. 

But not as much as Khaled Alayli. Good for him starting new at Fresh Farms in Niles. Place looks lovely.