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Jawless Smokeshow Of The Day - The Lamprey

Damn Nature! You scary!  We are in the heart of #SpookySzn folks and this Lamprey is a perfect participant for your Spooktober needs.  I was going to make a joke about them being nature's fleshlight but I don't think that I can even stomach the thought.  Its a penis shaped garbage disposal with fins and it swims around looking for things to attach onto!  I mean GODDAMN that is not a pleasant looking organism...

And if that didn't light your fire, look at the slime that comes off these type of jawless fish!

What the hell did these things to do to mother nature to be stricken with all of these characteristics?  In case the Lamprey's mouth OR the slime didn't do it for you, check out this zombie Hagfish that was brought back to life after being dead for 12 hours!

Happy Halloween from the depths!