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Mick Cronin Is Doing TikTok Dances And Sending Them To A 5-Star Recruit To Try And Land Him Over UK, Arizona And Oregon

[Source] -  Hardy told the announcer that Cronin and his daughter had performed a TikTok-style dance on video and sent it to Hardy. 

I have spent hours upon hours trying to find this video. I need to see Mick Cronin breaking out a TikTok dance more than I need to breathe. This same Mick Cronin: 

And yep this same Mick Cronin: 

Just goes to show you how brutal of a world recruiting is. You have to do shit to land these 16, 17, 18-year olds. You think Mick Cronin wants to do a TikTok? Hell no. He wants to yell at people and preach disciplined defense. He doesn't want to learn how TikTok works. I just imagine Mick angrily staring at the camera dancing. It'd be must watch. I'm willing to pay for someone to leak this if they have it. 

At least it's working out though, right? (h/t 247 Crystal Ball)

Don't want, I NEED a Dave and Mick Cronin TikTok.