Today's An Allman Brothers Band Kinda Day

I woke up today feeling like a million goddamn dollars even though I'm shuttered into my apartment fending off this goddamn disease I'm carrying. Decided to throw on some Allman Brothers because why the fuck not? Only one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. There's not a ton of great video on YouTube of the OG Allman Brothers, because Duane died in the early 70s, but here ya go. Just 25 mins of raw, unfiltered Gods of Rock

Oh and below is a version of One Way Out that came out right before Duane died in the motorcycle crash, so goddamn good. Must watch if you're a music fan. Obviously had to use him dominating the slide guitar as the thumbnail pic as well. Such a goddamn legend. Def on my Mt. Rushmore of "dead musicians you wish you could have seen live"