This Hoops Ref Dropped The Hottest Mixtape To Ever Hit The Internet

Alright, we need hoops to return. I can't be out here seeing a hoops ref mixtape going viral. No sir. Not when there's not even a technical involved. How do you put out a mixtape and not hit someone with multiple techs during it? How do you not get the pelvis thrust block call? How do you not throw in a charge? Refs fucking love calling charges. But this is a sign that we need hoops back. Less than a month until college hoops and me being pissed off at every incorrect charge call. 

Apparently this isn't the only one out there! 

The dramatic music, the slo-mo shots. They kill me every time. I want to hate these strictly because I hate refs, but I respect the fact they are putting out mixtapes. We need to have more fun and this is finally a way we're getting there on Twitter. Man, there's nothing like a good mixtape. Whether it was And-1 who literally made a tour out of it to some of the high school legends, it's a staple of the Internet. Speaking of And-1 Mixtape Tour, one of the coolest things was seeing that live and them breaking the backboard at one of the high schools in the county I grew up in. The admins were PISSED. 

Fucking refs man.