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Is There A Better 1-2 Punch Than The Chicago Bears & Miller Lite?

I've been sitting on this blog for a minute until the time is right and I decided today is the day. Monday Night Football against the Rams is the moment. This is my chance to broadcast a message with the power of 10,000 burning hot suns because that's what this demands. Like Squintz staring down Wendy I just can't take it anymore.

Anytime I see high production value behind a solid Bears & Miller Lite commercial, I get going so hard because there are few things I love more in this world than GTLF and the Bears. I mean that sincerely. I've been here long enough where you guys know I'm not bullshitting you. Miller Lite and the Chicago Bears are a literal lifeblood. And vice versa - I know so many of you that are with me every step of the way in this triage of life's needs.

But what should be a consistent, joyous celebration of their unity often turns me sour. Why is it that the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks make it so hard for me to enjoy a great tasting less filling? Why can't all the other teams fall in line and understand that Miller Lite is the most delicious, rewarding, outstanding beer when it comes to everything much less Chicago Sports? There are some combinations in life that just make sense: Halloween & candy, Christmas & presents, Lamb & Tunafish and of course, Chicago Game Day & Miller Lite. 

The fact Jerry Reinsdorf owns the exclusive power to swing Chicago into majority status with Miller Lite says to me that Jerry Reinsdorf has too much power. I know you White Sox fans well. Don't tell me a baker's dozen of GTLF in section 108 doesn't sound exponentially more delicious. 

Same thing with Wrigley. I'm tired of how much that place sucks now. It would take literally zero effort to bring some charm back into that place by changing out the Bud Light taps with some real beer. That's how strongly I feel about the association of Miller Lite with all Chicago sports. 

Will it happen? I don't know I'm just here to write the blogs. But if some day I find myself in some kind of elected office, don't be surprised if there's a Miller Lite movement in this town. Good politics is about giving the people what they want, and I'm 100% certain The People want more access to Miller Lite. 

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PPPS - Go Bears