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How Much Sex Do You Think This Guy Has?

A lot of people think you need a cool car to get laid and that's simply just not true. Being an accountant with a steady short game and an A+ strut is just as effective on my balance sheet and at a fraction of the cost. Not saying The Big Fella here doesn't have the Corvette cash flow. I just think we can all agree that the babes get rev'd up just as hard when they see this man walk past the batting cages

And without any prior knowledge of the PPA groupie scene, I think we can all agree that if it walks and talks like a duck, it's probably a duck. If Vince here is going to act like he's getting a blowjob in the parking lot for making that putt, chances are he got a pretty decent blowjob. How else do you explain the confidence emanating from this man's gait? I know Kenny Powers is a fictional character but it honestly takes that level of Swag to win over a PPA National Championship crowd. 

Speaking of which, let's talk production value. The PPA had some chops back in the day as evidenced by the fact that Billy Packer is the lead broadcaster. While away from his PPA duties, you may recognize him from other efforts like calling every Final Four for 33 straight years. Crazy to imagine a world where Jim Nantz would be filling his offseason with regional Cornhole coverage on ESPN2 but I digress.  

If you know more about this guy or the circumstances of what appears to be a very easy hole-in-one, please inform us in the comment section below. Feedback always welcome: