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I Think I Have Found The New Location For The Next Barstool Pond Hockey Tournament

Tom Szczerbowski. Getty Images.

We are currently in the process of looking for new locations for the upcoming Pond Hockey Tournament. Being that we can't go to Canada right now, it looks like we will not be going back to Gravenhurst and Lake Muskoka (which sucks because that was unbelievable). But on the bright side, we need a new location to host the tournament and we are looking at any and all options. 

Lake Placid? May be tough to find a spot. Vermont? Need the weather to be cold enough. Minnesota? Already so many tournaments. The Moon? That could work. 

I think the biggest thing about the pond hockey tournament is having fresh ice. That is something we are trying to address this year. Better ice, better play. Well, instead of less than 1 square mile of ice to work with, what if we had 15,000? Every game on a fresh sheet. Could even do every period on a fresh sheet. Regardless, it will be a zero slushy zone. Check 1 for the Moon.

Another problem we dealt with was warm weather and we may run into again on the moon. Average temp during that day is 260 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is why we would play night games. Granted the temp at night is -280. But maybe we can settle with the moon and find a happy medium around 4pm. Atmosphere of a night game is just better anyways. Got the bright lights shining down, brings you back to those make or break JV hockey games. Check 2 for the Moon.

And who wouldn't want to play hockey on the moon? Specially if we do it before the Russians. Check 3 for the moon. 

(On a real note if you have any suggestions for Pond Hockey locations…shoot me a DM or email