There Is No Team In The NCAA With Better Team Chemistry Than The Wisconsin Badgers Hockey Team

When quarantine first started everyone took to the internet to make their jokes about how they are getting by, and that includes the Wisconsin hockey team. But like most people on the internet, the jokes run dry and the posts slowly start to falter. That was not the case for the Wisconsin Badgers hockey team. They continue to give to put out hilarious content for the internet and the blade gang community, and its just a bunch of guys being dudes. Shit they would probably be doing with or without the cameras.

"Why'd you want to play college hockey?" to skate around campus in full equipment is why. I think the crazy part about this team is the number of future NHLers the team has. The team has 8 NHL draft picks. I think thats good? Lets take a look a Cole Caufield for example.

We are talking about a kid who broke Patrick Kane's scoring record at the National Development Program. We are talking about a first round pick of the Montreal Canadiens who is going to be given every opportunity to play at the NHL level. This kid doesn't need to be skating around Madison, Wisconsin in full hockey equipment on a cold October morning. But here he is, ripping cellys down main street having himself a god damn day. I hope this kid is shit faced too. Would make for a much better story.

Regardless, this team is awesome and if you aren't rooting for Wisco this year you have a giant dump in your pants.