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In a Few Years Alabama's GaQuincy "Kool-Aid" Mckinstry vs. LSU's De'Coldest "ToEvaDoIt" Crawford Will Be The Greatest Battle In Human History

It's one thing to be a five star recruit. It's another to be headed to Alabama. Then there's being named GaQuincy "Kool-Aid" Mckinstry. Two words: God Child. Nick Saban had to have an answer to LSU winning the natty. When LSU signed 5 start wide receiver De'Coldest ToEvaDoIt Crawford for the class of 2022, Nick had to respond. This is it. This is his haymaker back at Coach O. 

Now does Kool Aid's name top De'Coldest ToEvaDoIt Crawford? Okay maybe not. That name is the equivalent to Cal Ripken's consecutive games played streak. It's never getting topped. 

That being said, these two behemoths going toe to toe in a few years has my mouth watering. If they aren't lined up opposite each other on the field then nothing will ever be right in the world again. That game should draw Super Bowl numbers based on these two guys. Godzilla vs. King Kong. Achilles vs. Hercules. GaQuincy "Kool-Aid" Mckinstry vs. De'Coldest "ToEvaDoIt" Crawford. I don't care what I have planned that night, I'm cancelling it. Nothing will be able to keep me away from watching this war. 

GaQuincy "Kool-Aid" Mckinstry will be a Hall of Fame all pro lockdown corner, I'm sure of it. You cannot fail with that name and talent. He's a 6 foot 175 pound monster who plans on playing both football and basketball at Bama. Superstar. He was asked what Nick Saban is getting as a player and a person from him. His response was perfect. 

“I’ve won all my life. Expect to continue to win at Alabama.”

Best player ever before he even steps on the field. This guy should be atop of everyone's NFL draft boards come 2024 with no close second. 

Mahomes won't even look to this guy's side of the field when the time comes.