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An Analytical Deep Dive into Stool Streams XIX

If you haven't heard yet, there is a $5500 prize pool available for anybody who gets all 6 of their Stool Streams picks correct today on the PlayBarstool app. If you've been hearing all about this prize, but haven't been following along with past broadcasts, or are just looking for a bit of background on today's players, then this blog is for you.

PFT vs Frankie

The last matchup between this Big J Journalist and Long Island restaurant tycoon was an instant classic. Mr. Commenter and Mr. Borelli both refused to lose, with 2 of their 3 games going past 21 points. PFT and Frankie are similar players; each depending on strong play on their own serve, and a deadly backhand. When they last played on October 15th, PFT had 27 unreturned serves (our version of aces). Frankie is going to have to have a strong defensive game to stand a chance against that kind of professional service. The two players were only separated by 1 point overall across their 3 games, and experienced 21 ties/lead changes across their final 2 games.Expect this matchup to be close, Frankie to bust out a visually offensive jig at some point, and the player with the better serve to win.

Prediction: PFT (2-1), 38-40 total points in Game 1.

Hank vs Frankie

This will lowkey most likely amount to our most competitive matchup of the day, as the CEO of Stool Streams takes on the CEO of filming Dave while he eats pizza. The last time these titans of table tennis faced off, Hank folded in unfortunate fashion. After taking an easy dub in game 1, Hank blew a late 18-17 lead in game 2, and then ran out of gas in game 3. On a day where the men of Pardon My Take were supposed to sweep the Foreplay boys, Mr. Lockwood conceded mental real estate to one of the most sneaky competitive people in the office. For their long awaited rematch today, look out for a mismatch of styles, as Hank’s unstoppable forehand meets Frankie’s immovable backhand. Both players are moderately balanced in terms of scoring, and can steal a point on anybody’s serve. Expect Hank to bring some serious energy, and probably dance on Frankie’s grave if he emerges victorious.

Prediction: Hank (2-1), 2 point Margin of Victory for Game 2

Hubbs vs Jake

Hubbs and Jake are meeting again today for a rematch of their September 1st rout. Watching Hubbs’ tape of his non-Jake matchups might lead you to believe that he has a chance today, but I’m here to warn you of some impending Cuse on Cuse crime. Not dissimilar from how the Yankees’ regular season numbers could have warned you what was coming against the Rays, Hubbs’ abysmal stats against Jake this season serve as a red flag for today’s matchup. The last time Hubbs tried to come at the king, Jake bullied him with forehand after overpowered forehand, en route to a 2-game, 15-point sweep of the Manalapan native. Hubbs is gonna need to channel his high school mascot and put on a Brave face today if he wants to try to use wrist-heavy backhands and push shots to stave off a ping pong prodigy like Jake in a 3-game series. Expect Jake to post a picture of himself playing ping pong as a child, and then blow Hubbs out in 2 quick games.

Prediction: Jake (2-0), 72 total points.

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