Husky (Nice Word For Fat) Dude Named Fatty Sav Releases The Trap Music Anthem of the Summer

Now I know what you're saying, there's no way this dude can actually rap. Truth be known, I have no idea if this is what's considered good. I will say this: this is the best song by a super fat white rapper that I've ever heard. It's not even close. Action doesn't count because he's skinny now. 

My hopes weren't high when I saw the first 15 seconds of the video. 

Giphy Images.

that after that ridiculous open, he goes… hard. It sounds like if DaBaby was a fat white guy with a haircut from supercuts but a flow from a trap house. I LIKE IT!

Maybe it's a fluke though. Let's listen to another one. I like that Fatty Sav keeps his songs 2 minutes. Just quick listens. 

Fatty Sav. The biggest rapper in the streets in more weighs than one. Get it?

h/t Keith the Pilot