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Kanye Discussing Bitcoin On Joe Rogan Was Awesome

Growing up, I was a pretty big Kanye fan. One of the first forums I ever posted on was Kanye To The. I had a phase in early high school where I got into music producing and listened to Kanye nonstop due to his producing roots. My time "making beats" didn't last long mostly due to me not being very good and losing interest, but I'll never forget the days I spent on Logic thinking I was going to be the next Kanye West.

On Kanye To The, I learned about this weird currency named Bitcoin. It was 2012, I didn't think much of it. I remember individuals paying for beats and other services through Bitcoin on the forum. I stopped posting on KTT and didn't think much about Bitcoin until September 2016 when a guy named Andreas Antonopoulos went on a podcast I was just introduced to, the Joe Rogan Experience:

Now, fast forward to 2020, Kanye is on that same podcast talking about Bitcoin. I'm not going to sit here and say I called this, but it is pretty cool to see a few of "my worlds" come together (I'm not unique in this, I'm sure there a lot of people just like me who listen to Kanye, Rogan, and learned about Bitcoin around 2016). 

SOURCE-When asked about bitcoin, West described, “Jack Dorsey decentralized Twitter two months before it really hit because he was talking to the Bitcoin guys,” adding:

And these are guys that really have a perspective on what the true liberation of America and humanity will be.

Kanye discussing Bitcoin comes right after it broke through 13k for the first time since January 2018. This discussion caused a spike in Bitcoin searches:

You LOVE to see it. The currency of the future is here. Keep doubting it.