Steve Cohen Reportedly Has Locked Up The 23 Owner Votes Needed To Buy The Mets While The J-Rod Bid Wouldn't Have Had The Owners' Approval

SNY- Steve Cohen has the 23 votes required to approve his purchase of the Mets, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the process. If New York City mayor Bill de Blasio moved to kill the deal, the group led by Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez would not have the votes, per those sources.

Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf is widely expected to vote no on Cohen, and could bring three or four owners along with him, according to a person with direct knowledge of the process. Beyond that potential coalition, owners plan to support Cohen’s plan.

So I guess we can cross off one more potential gigantic hurdle off the list as we move along in the 9th inning of this sales process, huh? Because if Jeff Wilpon allowed his puppet that write that Cohen has the votes, he must have the votes. I don't know or care what Cohen did to secure the Yays, whether it was just being rich as fuck before what is likely going to be an economic downswing for tons of businesses or rich guy back scratches using money, favors, or literal humans. 

Meanwhile, it sounds like the 2nd place finisher (Read: 1st loser) for the Mets did NOT have the votes to get approved.

People familiar with the sale process say that Rodriguez and Lopez, who finished second in the bidding for Cohen, are not well-positioned to jump back in. While it is impossible to prejudge an outcome on a vote that isn’t in fact happening, sources firmly believe that owners would not approve that group.

Even with Lopez as control person, the baggage of Rodriguez’s 2013 war with MLB and the Players’ Association over his record-setting PED suspension weighs heavily on the minds of some owners, sources say.

Hmmm. It's almost like the owners remembered that A-Rod once sued Major League Baseball, was involved in a massive cheating scandal, and somehow always came out looking great in all the smear campaign hit pieces written about Steve Cohen. As a Poor, I don't know much about rich people other than what I see in the movies. But they sure seem to be really good at holding grudges, keeping people that wrong them out of their exclusive clubs, hate when people try to sabotage their deals, and are always willing to negotiate with even richer people that can put more money in their pockets.

I think whoever has been running these online smear campaigns against Steve Cohen (wink wink) should probably put a pin in them for now because it appears he is coming no matter what, potentially sooner rather than later based on the other hold up that seemed to be in Big Swinging Dick Stevie's way.

Guys, I'm gonna throw something out there and throw it right back at me if you disagree. But maybe just maybe this was all a bunch of nonsensical legal mumbo jumbo that would have never become a story if the media didn't dig it up but a politician found out there's a random clause that could help grow his influence or wallet and decided to cash in on a billionaire who will spend whatever to get the most treasured collector's item of his life. Again, this may be a hot take but those are my thoughts on the matter. If only that stupid "World Series" could wrap up ASAP so we could focus on important baseball matters, which is this vote followed by Uncle Stevie getting the keys to the Mets. 

As for Jerry Reinsdorf, I have one piece of advice for him:

Can't wait to see which White Sox players perform well enough over the next few years for the Mets to spite sign for 20% more than the next highest team is offering.

Unrelated but related: Fuck Mocha Joe, always and forever.

Now lets get hyped.