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Uh Oh, College Basketball Is In Big, BIG Trouble: Coach Cal Feels 'Fresher' And 'Better Coaching' Because He's Not Out Recruiting

Excuse me while I type this with a raging hard on. Hearing Coach Cal is 'fresher' and 'feels better coaching' just does that to me. There's no one in the world I want running this program more than Cal. No one would be more successful than him. No one would have Kentucky competing for a national title year after year after year for a decade. That's all Cal. And to think he won more NCAA Tournament games, made more Final Fours, won a title while not feeling 'fresh' or 'feels better coaching' is terrifying for the haters and losers out there. 

Love that he threw in that he only went to the Jersey shore. Everyone knows that's where you go when you need a refresher. Hit up the boardwalk, win a giant bag of Sour Patch Kids. Go throw $10 down on that hoops shooting game with a rim that is nowhere near regulation size and try to win a misspelled 3XL jersey. Recruiting? Who needs that? Kentucky is going to land whoever they want anyways. Pretty simple. We're Kentucky and you're not. 

Oh and you think he's going to let Chris Mack and Louisville just waltz around with that video calling them out for scheduling? Come see him on I-95 (even though that's not near either school) 

That's my coach. Get the whole state fired up. Less than a month to go and I can't wait. I'm ready to run through a goddamn brick wall after hearing this press conference.

PS: Don't care for this. Need Keion Brooks to be healthy