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Mike Tyson Just Dropped An EDM Song Out Of Nowhere That's So Bad It's Actually Kind Of Good

Source - Mike Tyson's next opponent ain't Roy Jones, Jr. -- it's your EARDRUMS -- 'cause the boxing legend has officially made his EDM debut.

The 54-year-old is preparing for his huge fight against 51-year-old RJJ on November 28 ... and took it upon himself to get pumped up for the huge event by getting on the mic!!

Tyson hooked up with LA-based group Tiki Lau for the collab ... coming up with the perfectly-titled track, "Mike Tyson."

Iron Mike is heard saying some intense lines throughout the track ... like, "I've been the wildest, I've been the craziest, I've been the outrageous, the vicious, the most destructive fighter."

There are rumblings Iron Mike could use the track as his walk-out song for the Jones fightnext month. 

The Song: 

For the love of God will someone tell me how these projects come together? Vin Diesel dropped a song last week and I'm 90% sure it was done by the same producer. Do people just pitch these guys and they agree? They can't be making money off this stuff, right? It's gotta be part of some bigger marketing plan. Then again, I don't think Mike Tyson needed an animated short of him fighting a cartoon shark to help sell pay-per-views for his upcoming November 28th fight. 

I don't know, the whole thing just seems bizarre. Although I will say, the song wasn't that bad. If you can get over the lyrics...

"I'm Mike Tyson!"……x20

it sounds like a 2009 Skrillex song. For a brief moment I was transported back to the basement of Monkey Bar at UMass Amherst. God I hope that place is shut down. Not because I didn't like it, but because it was arguably the filthiest bar in America. To give you an idea of how gross it was, the house DJ was named "DJ Dental Damn" and you could get plastered all night long for under $20 bucks. Maybe things have changed, but I doubt it. 

Regardless, Mike's song is so bad it's actually kind of good. I just hope he's smart enough to stay focused on the fight rather than making music. We're all rooting for him and would hate to see a budding (?) EDM career get in the way of a victory. Stay focused, Mike. One more month until the fight. You can do it!