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Little Bobby Kravitz Is Still Obsessed With The Patriots


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Just a hilarious tweet from Little Bobby Kravitz. How butt hurt can one guy be? Listen I’m the first one to say I HATE the Patritos 16-0 banner. All that thing does is remind me of one of the most worst nights of my life. A perfect regular season means nothing if you don’t finish the job. I wish they’d burn that thing in effigy. But facts are no team in the history of football has ever won 16 games. Again I hate the banner, but at least an argument can be made for it. There is no other team that has ever put on pads that can say they had more wins.  No other team in the history of the league can hang a similar banner.

But the Colts? AFC Finalist? That happens every single year. And when you lose the AFC Title game by 100 points and then cry about it you shouldn’t hang a banner. There was literally nothing special or good about the Colts last year. They may have had the most forgettable season in the history of the NFL. The fact that Kravitz is defending this banner or comparing it to the Pats once in the history of the NFL banner just shows what a sad, pathetic little man he is.