Yeah, Arizona Hoops Got Hit With FIVE Major NCAA Violations, But The Real Story Is How The NCAA Continues To Be The Biggest Villain In Sports

[Source] - The University of Arizona was served with nine allegations of misconduct, five of which are classified as Level I violations, in the Notice of Allegations that the NCAA sent to the school on Oct. 21, The Athletic has learned. The Level I allegations, which fall in the most serious category, include a lack of institutional control and failure to monitor by the university; a lack of head coach control by men’s basketball coach Sean Miller; and a lack of head coach control by Augie Busch, the women’s swimming and diving coach.

I have zero respect for the NCAA, except for this. Nobody and I mean nobody is a bigger villain, a bigger heel than the NCAA. It's honestly amazing how they just always find a way to piss people off. Everyone knew Arizona hoops was going to get hit with major NCAA violations. This all stems from the FBI investigation into college hoops, which is so long ago that I was working a real life cube job that day. I've been full time for nearly 3 years now.

But look at that last line. Just tossing in a lack of head coach control, which is a serious allegation, to the women's swimming and diving coach? That's how you do it. That's the good stuff from the NCAA. It's like when they punished Kansas football for cheating with the hoops team. How the fuck does a swimming and diving coach not have control? Who even cares about that? That's the beauty of the NCAA being the heel. You never know how they'll strike. 

Oh and even better, there's this quote

One of the aggravating factors listed in the NOA is the refusal of former assistant coaches Book Richardson and Mark Phelps to speak with the NCAA’s investigators after they were dismissed by the school. The NCAA argued in the NOA that Arizona “compromised the integrity of the investigation and failed to cooperate.” Kelly characterizes this as “adversarial posturing” and writes that Arizona “strenuously denies this allegation and intends to establish that this claim is unfounded.”

They are pissed at their own rule! In case you didn't know, people don't have to talk to the NCAA. They don't have some sort of rights like when you have to talk to cops. They are just the NCAA. So if you don't want to talk to them, especially if you aren't a coach anymore, you don't have to do shit. It's how Duke avoided trouble with Lance Thomas - his jeweler just refused to talk to the NCAA. Why would anyone talk to them? It makes no sense to rat people out unless you really hate your former program. 

Naturally the NCAA is so pissed at their own rule they are going harder after Arizona. Again, the perfect heel move. Not a surprise. I'm sure we'll find out the actual punishment another 3 years from now. That's the thing, this whole process is just taking so fucking long. We're just now getting NOA's, then there are going to be appeals. The people that eventually get punished for this are like 10 right now. Never change, NCAA. Never change.