Nothing But Respect For This Doctor Who Posts Bikini Pictures And Instagrams To Prove 'Pretty Women Can Be Badass Doctors Too'

Meet Medina Culver. Correction, meet Dr. Medina Culver. She's out here fighting a real fight. That attractive women can also be badass doctors. I 100% believe her. I believe pretty much any doctor, because they tend to pay attention in college and don't set up classes to not be on Friday so you can successfully hit up Two Keys Thursday All You Can Drink. And remember back in July some 'study' came out bashing doctors for this

I'll say it again. I don't give a FUCK about anything about my doctor if they are smart and can fix me. That's all I care about. I don't feel well, WebMD says I have roughly 521 different diseases and I have no idea what to do. Just send me to someone that can fix it. I don't care if they are hot, not hot, a Kentucky fan, a Duke fan. Whatever. I care about myself most. So shout out Dr. Culver for building an Instagram presence and proving attractive women can be badass doctors. As Chief said in his blog in July - an attractive girl with a gigantic brain that can save you? #Goals