I'm Dead To Dustin Poirier & Dustin Poirier Is Dead To Me

We're officially at war, ladies and gentlemen!

I've was just enjoying a nice chill Sunday evening when I saw this tweet from Dustin Poirier promising one of his fans that he'd "jump the gilly" (AKA slap on a guillotine choke - one of Poirier's signature moves) in his fight against Conor McGregor....

As McGregor's Executive Director of Support, I suggested an alternative approach to Dustin in attempt to ensure my fighter stays protected in that octagon on January 23rd....

….and now I'm dead to Poirier, and he's dead to me (until January 24th, that is - I actually have nothing against Poirier and quite like him). That's just the fight game. 

I won't even listen to Theo Von's podcast til after the fight now….


(I'll actually probably still listen to Theo's podcast)

This marks the second time this week I've been mixing it up in the UFC 155lb division, making many in the sport wonder - is my octagon debut on the horizon?!

Fox could not be reached for comment regarding his UFC debut.