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Carlos Dunlap Is Going Full Costanza And Trying To Sell His Cincinnati Home On Twitter After The Bengals Loss At The Buzzer

I haven't seen someone publicly try to lose their job so much since, well, I'll leave that one alone. But Carlos Dunlap fucking hates the Bengals. Yesterday he posted on Instagram the Bengals depth chart with a complaint about trying to get out of there. 

Like I said in that blog, if Dunlap seriously wants to get let go or traded he has to go full Costanza. That's what he's doing here. Just trying to sell his house via Twitter. It has me interested. Don't get me wrong. It's a gorgeous house, but it probably is still just $500,000 because of everything about Cincinnati is cheap as hell. I love it here. I always enjoy when people from NYC ask how much my rent was or what my house costs. Just dirt cheap to live in a city that's actually fun. 

If the Bengals had any trophies whatsoever, this would be Dunlap tomorrow