The Falcons Just Lost Because They Scored a Touchdown By Accident

This is the Falcons' magnum opus. It's so beautiful.

All Todd Gurley had to do on first and goal was go down shy of the goal line — Detroit had no timeouts left — and the Falcons would be in position to win the game with a chip shot field goal. Instead, he stumbles his big ass into the end zone, gives the Lions the ball back and Matt Stafford throws a walk-off winner.

I think everyone has pretty much caught on at this point, but this will not be the worst way the Falcons even lose this season. I said this was their magnum opus, but it will be topped. We can't conceive how it will happen yet, but it will happen.

Honestly, fine. We're in the running for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields at this point, so Todd may have actually done us all a solid. And at least the Falcons make sucking interesting. The Jets and Giants are just horrible, but Atlanta gives you a reason to tune in every week. And this type of shit won't happen under the Lincoln Riley administration.

Carolina is up next on a short week, so let's see what the Falcons are able to come up with in just a few days to create a new way to lose.