The Week 7 Good Juju Song To Play While Setting Your Fantasy Football Lineup™ Is...

For best results, press Play right before you start setting your fantasy lineup(s) and make sure to have everything squared away before it is finished, save for last minute injury swaps

A couple of housekeeping notes as you pump your lineup full of juju to an absolute BANGER that still resonates almost 25 years after it was released.

1. The Mrs. Coach gif is now the official gif of the Good Juju Song To Play While Setting Your Fantasy Football Lineup™. It gives the blog consistency and an identity with one of the best gifs in TV/entertainment/internet history as well as a ton of good mojo since she was just as important to Coach Taylor's success as a football coach and a man as anybody/anything else.

2. Fuck The Swede from Friday Night Lights. Sorry, but it had to be said. 

Giphy Images.

Right on cue, I brought some bad energy into blog in Part 1 so now we do our weekly clearing of the air by praying to the Goddess of Fantasy Football: Jenny from The League

Nothing but love to The Shiva as well

Moving along, here are The Clem Island Celebrate And Gamble Responsibly 6 Pack Of The Week:

Giphy Images.

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Giants +4.5 (I swear I had them. For the people that think I would lie about this for no reason, I will make a 7th pick)

Bengals +3.5

Texans +3

Bucs -4

Seahawks -3.5

Rams -6


Steelers +1.5 

UPDATE: Changing this pick to Lions +1 after seeing Isaac's tweet.

Best of luck to all your virtual teams and may your day be filled with nothing but positive cut-ins on the Red Zone.