Kanye West Is A Massive Star Wars Prequel Stan And HATES What Disney Did With The Sequels

Much like many of you, I'm sure, Trent and I tossed on the long-awaited Joe Rogan/Kanye West podcast as soon as it came out yesterday. It served as perfect background noise/commentary for UFC 254 in our apartment, where Trent was really paying attention to the conversation and enjoying it, and I was sorta tuning in/out between watching and blogging the fights. 

Probably about an hour in, though, I heard Kanye say, "….and this is one thing that I'm gonna say, like….and this is 'bout to make me mad right here. This is gonna be the first time you see me mad in the interview…", which that made me give the man my full attention immediately…. 

I thought what was about to come outta his mouth would be about the recent contract disputes he's been in with his label, or how he's been treated by the media in recent years, possibly even something about Drake - but instead, he went on to say that what TRULY makes him angry is when somebody says Disney's Star Wars "sequels" (Episodes VII-IX) are superior to George Lucas' Star Wars "prequels" (Episodes I-III)

I didn't even know how to process that for a solid five seconds. I thought I mighta been having a stroke, or just a weird dream, before realizing that nope - this was real life! 

I don't even hate the take - you guys know me, I love pretty much everything Star Wars (even the bad Star Wars), it's different stokes/different folks - but I mean, who predicted Star Wars as a genuine topic of discussion on this podcast?!  

Hilariously, Joe misinterprets this a bit, and thinks Kanye is talking about the original Star Wars flicks (the only universally loved trilogy of the bunch) - and even does the same thing again later on in the show - but Kanye makes it very clear: he's talking about the prequels. He even mentions watching 'Revenge of the Sith' like a dozen times over quarantine, which makes this recent line of his make sense I guess….

Later on, he elaborates more on what makes him so partial to the prequels, and it's basically that those movie were George's original vision, as opposed to Disney "plugging things in" and making more formulaic movies recently.  

It's a fair criticism, and one that certainly makes sense for him to have as the visionary artist he is - but I dig a lot of the 'formulaic' art in the world at the same time. I loved 'Creed' even though it was essentially a 'Rocky' remake, adore Oasis despite all the Beatles comparisons, can't stop stanning the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have Greta Van Fleet in my constant rotation despite Zeppelin comparisons, etc. I think if shit's good, it's good. 

Didn't take Kanye to be such a Star Warrior tho - I wonder if he's a Baby Yo fan. Maybe he could get a Baby Ye. Come on the pod to discuss!