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UPDATE: AB To TB Seems Like A Done Deal

Rumors have surfaced about a possible Antonio Brown signing by the Buccaneers. 

Is it true? Well, not just yet, he's flying to Tampa tonight and they have competitors, namely the undefeated Seahawks. The Seahawks have a QB who Antonio Brown trains with in the off-season:

The Buccaneers have just over $5.4M in cap room after a very sneaky restructure a few days ago:

This is currently about $1.08M more than the Seahawks, so if it comes down to a highest bidder situation, the Buccaneers and my pals in the front office certainly put themselves in position to secure an incredible player.

How IF it happens and he signs, what does this do to the team? The Bucs already have Mike Evans and Chris Godwin to go along with promising youngsters Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson. My guess would AB would move need to re-learn the playbook, one he's already familiar with from his Pittsburgh days with Bruce Arians, and move into the top three rotation. After the O.J. Howards injury, they've got Gronk and Cam Brate at TE, but could use a little more juice. AB would certainly provide that. There is certainly a lot of smoke around what type of guy he is off the field and I won't dispute that, but on the field, he'd be a top 10 Receiver immediately. It wasn't but last summer that he was ranked the #7 overall player in the NFL:

Colin Cowherd always said if you're not going to be good, at least be interesting. It looks like the Bucs could be both. If they sign him, at worst, they'll get an incredible content creator. I mean this video is one of my all-time favorites:

No disputing the Buccaneers are all in.

UPDATE: It's all but official. There is an agreement in place. What a world. He'll be eligible to play Week 9 against…The Saints…on Sunday Night Football

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