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Davidson College Forced To Change Phone Number After They Get Flooded With Phone Calls From People Asking If Steph Curry Is OK

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Charlotte Observer - Joey Beeler, Davidson’s men’s basketball sports information director, got 19 calls to his office telephone Sunday from kids trying to reach former Davidson standout and reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

On Monday, he received 23 calls for Curry.

The small, liberal arts school has been inundated with requests from inside and outside its small community for the school’s biggest sports star. Beeler has gotten a large portion of it, but solicitations have been wide-ranging across the school as fans and alumni try to reach Curry during his championship push, where his Golden State Warriors trail the Cleveland Cavaliers 2-1 in the best-of-7 NBA Finals.

“I’d say 75 percent of them, the first question they ask is, ‘Is this Steph Curry?” Beeler said. “Sometimes it’ll be for his shoes. I’ve had requests for (his 2-year-old daughter) Riley. A lot are cute and want him to come to their birthday party.”

“Hello, um, can you tell Stephen Curry that he did good at his game today and that he’s my No. 1 fan,” says one fan. “I love Stephen Curry. Bye.”

“Hey, I’m just trying to talk to Steph Curry and see can I play for the Golden State Warriors,” another boy says. “And, I want to talk to his agent, so he can be my agent. OK? OK.”

Beeler finally went to Google, where he found a Yahoo Q&A that revealed why he was getting so many calls.

“Does Anyone Know how to contact Stephen Curry?” one user asks in May 2008 when Curry was a sophomore at Davidson.

A user responded with the office number for Mark Gignac, who at the time was with Davidson’s sports information department. That number has remained in use for the past seven years and, until Tuesday, was Beeler’s number.

God it’s got to be such a great feeling to be Steph Curry. To be like the most universally loved and adored athlete on the face of the planet. I mean he’s playing an absolute dogshit NBA Finals – the MVP of the league completely disappearing and looking downright scared at times, disinterested at others, chucking up bricks and making crucial turnovers – something that would get any other player crucified by the media and threatened with death by fans. But for Steph? People are calling his old college and asking if he’s ok. Does he need anything. Will he come to my 4th birthday party. Hang in there Steph we love you.

Guess that’s the type of goodwill you build up over the years from being a good down to earth dude and just The Man in general.

PS – But seriously Steph, open invite to my birthday party any year you’re free.