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Baseball Hater Rob Manfred Says He Might Limit Shifts Going Forward

Is Major League Baseball trying to dump all the news of how it's going to make the sport worse during the World Series and hope nobody notices? Yesterday, it was that the National League is likely reverting back to having pitchers be an automatic out rather than keep the designated hitter. Today, it's Rob Manfred saying MLB might try to limit shifts in the future.

In my humble opinion, getting someone's thoughts on the shift is the easiest way to identify whether they actually like baseball or not. I'm speaking generally, but I find that most people who want to eliminate the shift want to do so to create more offense, therefore supposedly making the game more exciting.

I love the shift. It represents teams finding the most efficient way to get outs, which in turn provides the most efficient way to win baseball games. Also, I don't think "the shift" is even really a thing. A normal defensive alignment is a shift. There is no rule saying the shortstop has to play approximately halfway between second and third base; that's where many play because that's a common spot for players to hit the ball. So if you have a player who most commonly hits the ball somewhere else, you should put your players in that spot instead.

I could go on and on about why the shift is good, but the main reason this triggers me is that it's at the heart of what MLB has been doing for years: trying to change baseball to cater to people who don't like baseball. The three-batter minimum for pitchers didn't reduce game times by any appreciable amount and it sure as hell didn't get more people to care about baseball. The sport is still raking in money and doing fine. Any young people who don't think it's exciting enough aren't going to change that opinion because we ban the shift.

They literally changed the composition of the baseball so there would be more home runs. If having a comical amount of dingers flying all over the ballpark doesn't get kids on social media engaged, having the second baseman stay in place all game isn't going to, either.

Manfred is going to run baseball into the ground soon enough if somebody doesn't stop him.