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I Have No Idea Why These Filipino Bros Decided To Get 0.0's On Their Dives But I Know I Loved It

Filipino divers somersault into a spectacular-splashy zero-point performance in SEA Games 2015 in Singapore.


I have no idea why they did that, I just know it was awesome. I really need to know why they decided to get 0.0s though. And if you’re going to get 0.0’s, why not make them even more spectacular? Throw out the double freedom fingers, moon the crowd, heil Hitler, the whole 9 yards. Pretty cocky to do triple backflips and then purposely botch the finish, but I loved every second of it. Then they just got in the little jacuzzi thing together and high fived that they both nabbed perfect scores. I guess they went to the David Portnoy school of diving.