The Lakers Now Leaking That LeBron Demanded To Guard Jimmy Butler In Game 6 Is Hilarious

OK this is funny for a couple reasons. Let's start with the obvious. It's pretty great that we now get this quote talking about LeBron demanding to guard Jimmy Butler weeks after ya know....Anthony Davis said the same thing after Game 4

There's no way LeBron could allow there to be only one narrative of a guy demanding to guard Jimmy Butler. I love how we only hear these quotes after the games the Lakers won, yet we didn't hear them after Game 3 or 5 when Butler went crazy. In fact, in that Game 5 when Butler threw up 35/12/11 LeBron only guarded him 7 times. We didn't hear much from AD who was on him for 32 possessions. We then have Game 6 and the second reason why this is so funny. We're led to believe from that quote that LeBron demanded to guard Butler and nobody else. It is true that LeBron matched up with Butler the most in that game, a total of 22 possessions. But the part about "not wanting anyone else to guard him" is funny considering Rajon Rondo guarded Butler on 15 possessions. And this is with LeBron playing more second half minutes than Rondo too (21 vs 16) which included LeBron playing 10 fourth quarter minutes. Basically, they guarded Butler the exact same amount of time. We don't hear any quotes from Rondo talking about how he demanded to guard Butler do we? Why do you think that is. 

Things like this are why people clown on LeBron. The dude was GREAT and I mean historically great in the Finals. That should be enough. We don't need to get these types of stories and quotes, it only makes him look worse. You can't talk about demanding to be the only guy to guard Butler and then barely be the guy who guards him the most. LeBron's defense in the entire playoffs was incredible, we all saw it. Let that do the talking. 

The best part? He wasn't even that effective at stopping Butler! For the series, Butler shot 62% while being guarded by LeBron! I could understand if LeBron put the clamps on Butler, but that is not even close to what happened. It was AD who locked him up in Game 4. Then after Butler played 47 minutes in Game 5 and was awesome, NOW LeBron wanted to have that defensive assignment. Pretty interesting.

Obviously, none of this matters because the Lakers won the whole thing. But that's kind of my point. You're the champs. You were the best team in the bubble by far. There's no need for shit like this. Especially when ya know, the internet exists and people can actually look this stuff up. 

I guess this is what happens when demanding to guard Jimmy Butler is the hot thing in the streets. We obviously all remember when Giannis refused to do it, so I do not think it is a coincidence that the DPOY runner up came out and said it, and then shortly after the Finals the same quotes were leaked about LeBron. You know, the guy who feels he got snubbed for MVP. Pretty big coincidence that both guys who lost out to Giannis each said the same thing which only helps point out what Giannis didn't do in his series against the Heat.

We get it, LeBron was awesome. There's no need to try and put him up on a higher pedestal by making it seem like he locked Butler up, when he could have had that assignment the entire series and for some reason chose not to.