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And Here's Why Putting Arm Wrestling On Live TV Is Always A Great Idea

Anytime you’re doing any shot for live television, there’s a possibility for something to go terribly wrong. Or in this case, something to go terribly right. One moment you’ve got everyone clapping, their hootin’ and hollerin’ having a good old time because they’ve got a couple of the footy lads about to go at it. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!! is right. And then before you know it, boom. Grossest shit in history and that scream will haunt me forever. I know this is neither the first nor the last time someone is going to snap their arm in half while arm wrestling, but it’s equally as disgusting every single time you see it. These people know what I’m talking about.


arm-wrestling-crowdI’m positive if they didn’t cut to a commercial break right there, we’d see at least one person in that crowd of people vomit. And then that would start a chain reaction of everyone else vomiting because that’s how that shit works and before you know it, we’d have a scene straight out of Family Guy on our hands here. It could have been gold, Jerry. Gold!

Happy Throwback Thursday: