Matthew McConaughey Goes On Joe Rogan And Talks About Religion And Somehow Made That Cool Too

This fucking guy. He should be the President. That's how I feel right now. He has a gift. He has a way of taking one of the most taboo topics in the world and making it palatable for anyone and everyone. Religion is the third rail. You don't touch it. You certainly don't call out people for being "spiritual" as opposed to religious and poke them directly in their axioms. McConaughey then talks about the Latin word and origin of the word religion like he's the lead character in a Dan Brown novel. He can convince anyone of anything. He is able to do that while being a Hollywood A-List celebrity where it seems like there isn't a ton of freedom to say what you actually think. McConaughey takes the toughest questions and hang ups about religion and science and everything else and just boils it all down in a way that most people should be able to understand and appreciate even if they don't agree. I don't even think I agree, but I want to hear him talk about it more. How do we get more people like this guy in the world? That's what we need. We kind of need McConaughey to start a church. Tell me how to live and I will do it. This memoir he's pumping...maybe that is the new-new bible. Hymns are out. Chest beating is in