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Shawn Kemp Opening Up A Weed Dispensary In Seattle With An Unreal Mural Of Himself On The Building Is The Savviest Business Move

I've heard good things about Seattle, but it's not exactly on the bucket list of places to visit for me. Until now. Shawn Kemp breaking out a weed dispensary with a mural of him all over the building? Pure genius. Kemp is beloved in Seattle. Hell, the Sonics are still beloved in Seattle. You combine one of the faces of the franchise and it becomes a historic landmark. Shit, he's even bringing Gary Payton with him for the opening! That's A+ marketing that you can't top in Seattle. The real miss is that this isn't on the mural

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That needs to be on the packaging at least. It's such an iconic and disrespectful dunk and celebration. One side of packaging should be the dunk, the other side should be the point. Man, what a downgrade though to go from Seattle to the Thunder. Those Sonics jerseys are iconic. Absolutely iconic. Sonics are a great name too. Instead we got … the Thunder? Woof. Still such a stupid ass name. And the jerseys stink even more. 

I can't wait to see the names of the strains he sells. Hopefully it's all paying homage to 90s NBA, Sonics, etc. Would be worth a trip to Seattle alone.