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Ross Tucker's Call Of Daniel Jones Tackling Himself Should Win Every Award In Broadcasting History

Am I a Giants fan? Absolutely. My grandfather asked to be buried in a Giants casket when he died, so it's in my blood. There was no option when it came to being a fan of a football team. In 33 years, I may not have been able to predict a game more than what I saw last night. It was even before Evan Engram's lazy ass refused to move his hands to make a game-clinching catch. Oh, no. It happened after what appeared to be a statement drive by the Giants. When the defense - which has actually been good this year! - gave up a bomb and a touchdown in roughly 12 seconds. 

But all that, all the shit I've seen as a Giants fan, could not prepare me for this play last night. Daniel Jones, nobody around him, just falling. He tackled himself. I don't even think it was the case of the turf monster. He was going so fast, he toppled over. Seriously. 

So enter Ross Tucker, who had one of the greatest calls in radio and broadcasting history. Just cackling on air. That's the exact proper response one should have. Hell, that's what I had sitting on my couch. That was my entire text history with any person that was a Giants fan and hated the Giants wrapped into one. It's the only way to properly describe what the fuck just happened on this play.