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As a frequenter of the World Wide Web, I knew the minute that Daniel Jones fell on that 80 yard run, he was going to be a meme for life. It didn't matter if the Giants scored a touchdown on that drive, ended up winning the game, or somehow won the Super Bowl during this god forsaken year. The internet doesn't care about details. All it cares about is getting as high a score as possible while dunking on you.

What I didn't see coming was someone at my own company that is awesome at their job getting this masterpiece off while I was running around my house like a fucking asshole because Evan Engram is awwwwwwwful at his job. So I am going to put out a Rough N Rowdy challenge out to whoever made this. Quigs. Bailey. Maybe Milmore Da Gawd himself. Fuck it, I want every single person on the social and graphics team in the middle of the squared circle in whatever backwoods West Virginia town Rough N Rowdy is in later tonight (BuyRNR.com) due to this direct shot right across my bow. I can't be taking shots across my bow right now. Not from my own guys on my own site. We will be fighting with Royal Rumble rules obviously since I'm not going to get into a fist fight with a bunch of people and a big guy actually has a chance to win since it always took like 5 people at once to get the largest wrestlers out of the ring. I'm sure the West Virginia commission will have no problem clearing this since I'm pretty sure you just ask the biggest cow in the county and as long as he doesn't moo, you are golden.

Fucking Evan Engram man. Could have avoided all this heartache and the whooping I'm about to put on these youngsters if he just caught a pigskin placed directly in his hands by Danny Dimes.