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Jeffrey Toobin or John Wall – Who Was More Disrespectful This Week? Mr. Portnoy Weighs In on Pardon My Take

On today's Pardon My Take, it was a twofer to send you into the weekend. First up - longtime recurring guest Mike Portnoy. The lawyer joined the show to talk chasing the local news, the IRS not letting him hassle other people, and more. There was also a discussion regarding two unique controversies this week - Jeffrey Toobin and John Wall both on camera doing something we haven't seen before. Which does Mr. Portnoy think is more disrespectful?

Mr. Portnoy: I want to ask you a question - Which do you think is more disrespectful? What he [Jeffrey Toobin] did than what John Wall did?

Mr. Cat: I think that jerking off in your coworkers face is far more disrespectful than playing a game of cards when you're being asked about the Dallas Cowboys on like NFL live at three o'clock in the afternoon. That's just me. 

Mr. Portnoy: I don't know that I agree with that. No, I don't think I do, because what John Wall did, he was saying that the two guys that were doing the interview, and "I can do what I want, I'm a big operator and you are two little guys."

Mr. Cat: Wait, can I ask a follow up for the John Wall? He was just playing cards... who cares?

Mr. Portnoy: No, I'm sorry. He was playing cards and he was half playing attention. These two guys are probably making 100 bucks a day. 

Mr. Cat: But the other guy was masturbating in front of his colleagues' face!

Mr. Portnoy: But he was the only one at the time that knew he was doing it, right?

Mr. Commenter: At least he was showing some passion, Big Cat.

Mr. Portnoy: The John Wall thing, it's out in the open. I think that's a big part of it. I mean, if you do it in someone's face, that's a little different. I want to be clear on this.

Mr. Cat: I know what you're saying. 

Mr. Portnoy: If what's his name [Jeffrey Toobin] was doing it in front of everybody, that's beyond disrespectful.

Mr. Cat: If he knew, yes.

Mr. Portnoy: I don't think they knew what was going on. 

Mr. Cat: If he knew, then that's a crime. If he didn't, then it's like, you're an idiot, you're a weirdo. That's gross negligence. 

Mr. Portnoy: You're exposing yourself in public, that is, in fact, a crime. But they didn't know, right? 

Mr. Cat: Well, they knew because they saw. I don't think he knew he was still on. 

The debate we needed on this Friday morning. We know where Mr. Portnoy now stands on this one. How about you?