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The Awful Philadelphia Eagles Someway, Somehow Come Back To Beat An Even Awfuler NY Giants Football Team

Eagles Vs. Giants: May The Worst Team Lose.

And the Giants lost.  That's really what it came down to.  NY was someway, somehow were the worse team.  And I guess we'll take it?  

This Eagles team still confuses the dick off me.  Down 21-10 in the fourth...and they come back to win.  That's great.  Really great.  But how did they get to that point in the first place vs such a shit team?  At one point the Eagles had 5 RedZone possessions...and 10 points.  That's almost impossible.  The defense at one point just...quit.  Like, didn't give a FUCK about stopping the Giants on a 97-yard drive in the 4th quarter.  They just quit.  And after the first drive which resulted in a TD, the offense and coaching was the definition of putrid.  Carson Wentz believes it's a sin to throw the ball away.  It's simply the only logical explanation for his behavior week in and week out.  And at one point they got down to the redzone trailing 14-10, 2nd and goal from like the 8 and...

Option play with Jalen Hurts.  Designed draw with Wentz (Sidenote: At what point do the Eagles stop calling designed runs for Carson Wentz like he's the only damn athlete on a high school football team offense?).  4th down fade route to Butler which I think is the first target of his life. 

Like, what the fuck, Doug?  The problems run deep on this team, but, hey, 6-9-1 wins this abortion that is the NFC East.  Let's keep the eye on that prize of losing again at home in the Wildcard round.  Till then...RUN DANIEL RUN!!!