In Honor Of Rough N' Rowdy Tonight, Wake Up With The Tigers And Yankees Having A Nice Little Brawl

Got fights on the mind tonight, friends. Rough N' Rowdy returns tonight at 8 and boyyyyy am I pumped. Instantly when I thought about which baseball fight I should post this one jumped to mind because of how great it was when it started. You kind of thought Miguel Cabrera and Romine were just chatting, then the mask comes off and the fists went up. Mayhem from there. As is tradition we had the bullpen guys SPRINTING in from the bullpen which is always laugh out loud funny. This was one of the better fights we've had the last few seasons. I didn't want to do Odor and Bautista, I felt like this one needed the shine. Everywhere you looked in the scrum someone was holding someone else back, these guys wanted at each other. As good as this fight was, tonight's fights are going to be that much better.