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Good Samaritan Creates Live Map Showing Where McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Are Broken

For years now there's been a common trope going around that 'the McDonald's ice cream machines are always broken'. If you type it into Google you'll even see that news/blog/video sites have been covering the topic for years...

Because really, is there anything worse than when the ravenous craving for a McFlurry hits and you're pretty high and you haul your mom's forest green Chevy Venture minivan all the way over to Thorndale but the machine is broken? 

Well one good Samaritan wants to help you avoid the fuss & make sure you know which local McD's will lead to a nice, frosty cone in your hand. 

According to McBroken.com about 7.54% of all McDonald's ice cream machines are out of order at the moment, and cities with the highest 'broken rates' across the USA were in NYC, SF, Philly & Boston. I know NYC's high broken rates to be true because at the height of my morning sickness all I wanted was a small cup of vanilla soft serve & the machine at my neighborhood spot wasn't up & running and it momentarily broke me as well. (No one has suffered more than I.)

Thankfully, I'm pleased to report the one around the corner from Barstool (that I shamefully order delivery from more often than I'd like to admit) is in good, working order. (Not gonna lie, the dollar menu sundaes are one of life's guilty pleasures for me & I put it up there with the finest of desserts.)

Shout out to engineer Rashiq for helping us avoid future sweet-tooth heartbreaks. And engineering majors, pay attention - this is the sort of thing you should all be doing. Next I want a map that shows where all my Veteran's Day freebies are gonna be and at what time's they're emptiest so I can bulk & run. 

Fun side note: Posted in June & already at nearly 3.5M views, one vlogger went around finding McDonald's where the machines were out of order, dressed as a tech and started fixing them himself.