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Vietnam Vet Arrested For Dumping His Coffee On The Heads Of Westboro Protestors Dragging The American Flag On The Ground

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WILMINGTON, Del. — A man arrested prior to the funeral of former Delaware attorney general Beau Biden said he attended a counter protest with the intent that all would remain peaceful when members of a Kansas church picketed the funeral.

But when Richard Pierce, 64, a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, saw one of the Westboro Baptist Church protesters dragging and stepping on the American flag she had tied just under her knees, something inside of him “snapped,” he said.

“It was not my intention to cause a problem,” Pierce said. “However, when I saw the young lady walking across the highway, dragging our flag under her feet, I lost my temper and the only way that I could demonstrate that is spill my coffee on them.”

Saturday’s picket by the group peacefully ended shortly after 10 a.m., after the presidential motorcade passed by on its way to Biden’s funeral Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church.

But as Westboro members were escorted to their car, Pierce walked up to them holding a cup of coffee he had purchased at a McDonald’s earlier in the morning.

Then as the women placed their signs into their car, Pierce tossed the coffee at them, striking two of the women.

Pierce, of the Pike Creek, Del., area, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Absolutely love this old timer. Seriously it should be literally illegal, like official state law, for Richard Pierce to ever pay for a drink again in Delaware – as if being a former Marine and Vietnam veteran wasn’t enough, dumping his coffee straight on the domepiece of a Westboro Church fucking loser protestor dragging the American flag around on the ground should do it.

That disorderly misdemeanor charge can’t possibly stick right? I mean it was clearly an accident. Wasn’t his intention to cause any trouble. Just saw some scumbags disrespecting the country he fought for, being protected by the police because of the rights he was willing to sacrifice his life to protect, and snapped a lil bit. Oops, my hot cup of coffee slipped out of my hand and turned into an 85 MPH fastball off her head. Accidentally goofed up and gave this waste of life some 3rd degree face burns. My bad.