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Remember Our Friend Who Got Fired From Jewel(s) For Standing Up For Himself Because A Customer Called Him The R-Word? Turns Out Jewel(s) Is Now Trying To Hire Him Back Because It's The Right Thing To Do

Earlier this week we launched a national campaign to shame Jewel(s) into giving Khaled Alayli his job back. Story goes Mr. Alayli was a loyal and dedicated employee at the Glenview, IL location for 14 years. Mr. Alayli was constantly taunted and harassed by the same customer over an extended period of time for having special needs. The behavior was so hateful and repulsive that the Glenview police were eventually called in to confront the customer and his behavior. The guy's an absolute jagoff and that's putting it nicely. 

Well just recently Mr. Alayli had enough of this guy's shit so he did what any self-respecting man would do in that situation: he stood up for himself. He told the customer off. He was sick and tired of being teased and berated so he got right back in the customer's face. As you can predict, the customer recorded the interaction on his phone then sent the video to Jewel corporate. Without hesitation, they fired Mr. Alayli, sending the Glenview Jewel(s) community into disarray. 

Here's the original blog if that's not enough context.

As you can imagine, the internet appropriately roasted Jewel(s) for being horrible to a dedicated employee, and rightfully so. This is not the kind of stuff that requires deep corporate risk management strategy. You don't need to distance yourself from Khaled because he got pissed at a customer. Fact is someone's out there dropping hard R-words in your employee's face, you know it's a reoccurring problem, and you know your employee needs some backup. It's a perfect recipe to stand by someone but instead they fired him for his behavior. That was earlier this week. 

Well good news (kind of). There's a completely different message coming from corporate today:

Funny how that works. Nothing like a good old fashioned public spotlight to get people in high places to do the right thing. Absolutely disgusting. 

On the bright side though Mr. Alayli now has a choice if he wants to continue working for Jewel(s) or take his effort somewhere else. A lot of people have come out and said that he should go where he's valued and I don't disagree. But 14 years of hard earned relationships is a difficult bag to voluntarily walk away from. Everyone that's reached out has had nothing but incredible things to say about the young man. Whatever he decides, we here at Barstool Sports wish him nothing but the best. As I said before and will echo again, the world needs more Khaled Alaylis. 

As for the asshole employers of the world, let this be a lesson. You see me looking for you on the internet, you turn around a look the other way. I will not hesitate to bring your world down that is a fucking promise.