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In Maybe The Greatest Plot Twist I've Ever Seen, Clint Frazier Went From Being One Of The Worst Outfielders In Baseball to a Gold Glove Finalist

Before you start, yes I realize I'm blogging about a baseball player being a finalist for the gold glove. Why is that of any importance? Who cares? Well, Clint Frazier transitioning from a complete defensive liability and a gigantic problem in the outfield to GOLD GLOVE FINALIST is utterly preposterous. It's one of the greatest plot twists I've ever witnessed.

Here's what he used to look like out there. A year ago this guy simply could not play the outfield. In a July game against the Red Sox he was booed off the field and then avoided the media as he dealt with all of the critics. It was bad. Anytime a ball was hit out towards him you had to hold your breath and assume the worst. In 2018 he dealt with severe concussions and even had problems staring into the lights during night games. The dude was a mess and appeared like he was destined to be a DH elsewhere. 

And here's what happened in 2020.  

All of sudden heading into this year his attitude changed along with his game. Despite being sent down almost immediately to start the year Clint waited patiently for his chance and handled it like a pro. Once Giancarlo went down with an injury he pounced on that opportunity and never looked back. Out in right field Clint was nothing short of awesome. His routes to the ball compared to 2019 were like night and day. He trusted his first step and instincts on balls that he would normally hesitate on. He was playing fearless and it was so awesome to see that kind of transition. Clint Frazier played right field in 2020 like a gold glover and he hit like an All Star. I'm ecstatic for this guy to start to get the recognition he deserves and I can't wait to see him in left field on Opening Day next year for the New York Yankees. 

P.S. Gio, rightfully so, is also a Gold Glove finalist. I would have burned myself alive if he wasn't. Give him the hardware.