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Quibi's Founder Told Employees To Listen To The 'Trolls' Soundtrack To Get Over The Company Folding

Quibi's founder, Jeffrey Katzenberg, told employees on a call on Wednesday to listen to a song from the movie "Trolls" to help lift their spirits during the company's shutdown, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal's Benjamin Mullin, Joe Flint, and Maureen Farrell.

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So, you blew through 2 billion dollars in capital in 6 months to make a shitty app that nobody wants. 

You know what will make all your employees feel better about your cascading failures leading to them being out of a job? An Anna Kendrick song written by a computer algorithm. When Enron went down, Jeff Skilling sent each employee a Zune loaded with 'We're All in This Together' from High School Musical. When Madoff went down, he personally sang Fred Wilpon 'The Climb' from the Hannah Montana Movie. It's a classic big brain, business-guy power move. Pretty sure I read about it in a Jack Welch book, actually.

There are definitely at least a few positives to take from Quibi going down. The first of which is that the app sucked ass. Just a total stinker. The second is that a bunch of rich people lost a lot of money and people on the creative side got paid good money (for better or worse). The last is that it gave us amazing products that we will always treasure like this:

In any case, RIP in Piece, Quibi.