The Paintball Attacks In Chicago Are Quite Literally Out Of Control Now

I talked about this the other week. There's been a drastic increase in paintball attacks on Chicago citizens this month. Not exactly sure about the natural baseline for paintball attacks, but experts said the numbers skyrocketed from September to October

Well we're back again just more than a week out from Halloween and there appears to be no end in sight. Paintballs are flying everywhere with reckless abandon. It seems that nobody is safe with local authorities reporting continuous surges in attacks across the city. Even this guy with nice hair just took one to the face. 

CBS has the updated story:

Paintball attacks are happening all across the city. One victim who talked with CBS 2’s Jermont Terry still has scars.

“I was bleeding out the forehead,” said Chris T.

A group of guys in a white sport-utility vehicle sprayed him with paintballs while he was riding a bicycle off Sheffield Avenue in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. He is disturbed to hear of even more paintball incidents after his more than a week ago. 

“It’s no different if you’re walking down the street and a random stranger punches you in the face,” he said.

A few miles directly to the south, the paint was still visible Wednesday night in the West Loop – where overnight the night before, someone in a sport-utility vehicle sprayed a man walking a dog.

Minutes later, a man on a bike was hit – also by people in a white SUV.

Not to get dramatic but I'm reminded of a storyline in The Wire where the Barksdale gang wants Omar dead for hitting one of their stash houses. (Spoilers.) Two lower level guys (Gerard & Sapper) end up firing on Omar as he's taking his grandma to Sunday morning church. He ends up getting away while the failed hitmen get in big time trouble. Not for letting Omar escape, but because going after Omar on Sunday morning when he was with his grandma was out of bounds. Even for ruthless, cold-blooded killers, everyone pretty much agreed Gerard & Sapper went too far. You don't violate the Sunday Morning truce and you ESPECIALLY don't pull that bullshit in front of someone's grandma. It's one of countless examples of your eyes getting opened the fuck up when watching that show but I digress. Point is those guys should have known a truce was in play then with Omar and it's basically no different here. 

That guy walking his dog is out of bounds. You do not fuck with someone walking a dog, period. I can't make that plain and simple enough. Lesser men have agreed to significantly more complicated terms throughout history. The proverbial line of societal regression needs to be drawn somewhere and I think this is the ideal spot: don't shoot spray paintballs at someone walking their dog. Go one step further and it's basically anarchy

And not to be the biggest hardo, but back in my day we egged houses and it was awesome. We didn't paintball fellow human beings because the world didn't raise us to be savages. Our elders defeated Germany. There was hope & promise in the way they spoke to us. Our vandalism extended to bombing a dozen jumbos at some nice bay windows and no more. Maybe that makes me old fashioned but a movement back to classic egging is a move in the right direction.  

PS - Free tip for your next Divy ride: Sheffield isn't a protected bike lane. One of the more hazardous stretches of street across town. Lots of jazzed up moms in black SUVs rolling through stop signs into right turns. Paintballs suck but danger lingers everywhere on Sheffield. Head on a swivel ladies.