Yes! The Louisville Raptors Might Actually Happen This Season If The Canadian Government Still Won't Let The NBA Be Played In The Country

[Source] - One big focus for next season has been the status of the Toronto Raptors. Due to the United States’ handling of COVID-19, travel into Canada has been banned. MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays played their home games in Buffalo, and the Toronto FC of the MLS played its games in East Hartford, Connecticut.

The Raptors face a similar dilemma, and league sources tell Yahoo Sports one alternate location that has been broached is Louisville, Kentucky. Former NBA player and successful businessman Junior Bridgeman has been in contact with the NBA, considering Louisville has the KFC Yum! Center that is NBA-ready.

Louisville wouldn’t be first in line in the event of relocation or expansion; Seattle is. But it seems to be an easier sell to get the Raptors in Louisville for a short period — or even sharing a current NBA market, according to sources.

Yes! A million times yes! An absolute no-brainer if the Canadian government keeps this ban on for the NBA season. We saw the Buffalo Blue Jays. We saw Toronto FC play in East Hartford. The only thing that makes sense is moving the Raptors for Louisville this season. I know people want Seattle to get a team and they are probably first in line for expansion or relocation, but Louisville needs to be second at worst. Shit, there's already #NBA2Lou and they made a serious pitch for when the Grizzlies moved to Memphis. 

Hell, the Raptors got new jerseys for the upcoming season. What better time to get a move to Louisville for a tryout? 

I hate to admit it but the Yum Center would actually be awesome for the NBA. It's got the size, it's got all the amenities, you can drink in there. Plus, I'm in the market to leave the Knicks but the only way that happens is if Kentucky or Cincinnati gets a team (I'm not leaving the Knicks). Plus this is huge for Louisville. We've seen cities get 'try outs' essentially for teams before - remember Oklahoma City and the Hornets? That helped lead the Sonics move. Give me the Sonics and give me Louisville. 

I’d love to see Louisville get an NBA team. They aren’t the favorites for whenever it happens next, but I’d love to see the fine people of Louisville get to watch high level hoops. It’d be good for them. I know it’s only about a 70 minute drive to Lexington but not everyone can make that drive to Rupp.