Fort Bragg's Twitter Account Gets Hacked And The Soon-to-be Private Starts Tweeting About Privates

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the troops are horny again. Actually. No. I'm sick of this shit. If you've ever had two twitter accounts on your phone, you know how dangerous this shit can be. It's like a minefield out on these social media streets. One minute you're posting about the good shit you're doing in the world and the next minute you're horny. SO WHAT. SUCH IS LIFE

Does the fact that the PERSON posting the next tweet talking about the things his boner does change the focus on Education Week in America? NO

Does the fact that he likes some POV goofin with a little under tit change the fact that we are gonna have a safe yet fun Halloween on post?

Are we just gonna shame the guy for wanting a deep, long kiss and ignore that he was helping people just before that? How? By giving them an interactive map. COME ON!

This dude helped people today just as much as he was horny. In my book, that's a good damn day. Those are the facts and they are undisputed.